Tuesday, June 18, 2019

BOGO Table Runner Sale

It's time for a Buy One, Get One sale!

All the table runners in the shop are BOGO for June!

Purchase 1 table runner and choose 1 more for 40% off! No codes needed, as your discount will be applied when you checkout.

Go Shopping!

Many styles, colors, and sizes available in the shop so you're sure to find something you'll love and suits your decor style.

Offer ends June 30th, so hurry and take advantage of this great deal!


New Corner Bookmarks in the Shop!

I have a fun new item to share from the shop - Corner Bookmarks

These darling bookmarks are the perfect companion for your favorite book. I've been using them this week to mark my spot in a few stories I'm reading right now and I love how handy and easy to use these are. Plus they are so cute and pretty! :D

Each corner bookmark is made from 2-3 fabric selections, with a piece of stabilizing interfacing between for stiffening to help it hold it's shape and stay in your book nicely, and then stitched around the edges. The bookmarks are 2-1/2 inches, with a sweet little triangle corner that fits neatly on the edge of your favorite book. 

Aqua Dots

I've tested these out in both paperback and hardback books and they work really well for both! I was a bit worried about the corner pages of a book possibly getting bent, but I have had no trouble and I like these even better than a regular bookmark! :D

Bookmarks come in a set of two for $3.50 with free shipping!
I have lot's of colorways available in the shop for different tastes and people. 
There are bookmarks for both men and women, and even kid-friendly bookmarks, as well.

These are going to make fabulous gifts for birthday's and party favors, teachers and librarians and of course your favorite reader's! :D Once you try them, you'll want to collect them all and give them out for every occasion to friends and family. (I've already made and given quite a few myself!)

Set of 3 - $4.50
Free Shipping

Each set includes 1 large (3 inches) & 2 small (2 inches)
two sets available

The sizing of these is 1 large and 2 mini.
Each is a little bigger and smaller than my regular 2-1/2 inch sizes in the shop. 
These are great for children's books or the kid at heart! ;)

The mini size you can easily fit in a backback or purse "in case of emergencies". 
You never know when you'll need a bookmark! ;D

Head over to my Odds n Ends Quilt Shop to purchase new corner bookmarks and more!

These corner bookmarks are so much fun to use, I hope you all enjoy them! :D 

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Time to Organize

More and more my little shop is turning into a "real business". This week I ordered and set up a new storage system for my fabrics. I've had my storage all over the house, at one point or another, over the years, and since starting my business I've kept three of those cardboard packing boxes stacked in my workspace beside the kitchen table. This has been my setup for over a year now, but every time I need fabric I had to go digging through the boxes and lifting them off from one another to find anything. When lazy or busy during the holidays, I tended to even pile the most-used fabrics on top of the boxes and skip cleanup all together. :( I was always worried the whole pile would fall over and get dirty!

Needless to say I grew tired of this method AND my boxes were beginning to fall apart (i.e. the piles of fabric weighed down the fragile cardboard lids to the point of ruination). Plus this storage was VERY unsightly, right in our kitchen area! So, I invested in this new storage unit. It's shorter than I expected, but it's a bit deeper and wider than my previous storage so I can actually hold a bit MORE fabric! Yippee!

It took me a full afternoon to reorganize my sewing corner. Partly this was due to a thorough cleanup and sorting through of all the fabric. I am sending off an entire garbage bag full of older fabric I never used in over a year's time to the thrift store. I only want the best for my customer's and if it's not inspiring me then it needs to go to a new home.

I'm even more excited about how tidy everything is in my corner, now, than I thought I'd be! :D And it is SO nice to simply open a drawer without moving heavy boxes around. ;) *happy sigh*

Investing in my little business is important to me because it means I will put in 100% into my work. Having a convenient, and practical storage means I spend less time digging for fabric and more time quilting pretty things for all of you! :D

Do you have a favorite storage method for your creative projects? I'd love to hear about them! :D

Thanks for stopping by today!

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Where My Story Began

Over on my Instagram account I am joining the March Meet the Maker challenge hosted by Joanne Hawker, and I'm already feeling inspired on day #2! :D

Today's prompt is How you started...and I thought I'd share a broader history of that here on my blog where I can share more pictures! Besides, it's good to have that some where my readers can come back to if they'd like, and somewhere I can refer to if needed. Ready to take a trip down memory lane with me? :D

Me and Nan making applesauce! :D How about those bangs?! Lol!

To REALLY start at the beginning, my grandmother and mother were the ones challenging me to sew all my life. My grandmother made beautiful dresses for my sister and I growing up, we even have some video that I cherish of her working on new spring dresses for us (and making another mistake on the pesky sleeves)! Lol! "It's WRONG! Again!" :D Truer words, Nan...

At about age 10, a homeschool friend of my mom's wanted to teach her only son to sew and wanted him to have a friend to kind of encourage him on, so she offered to teach me as well. Even at age ten I was super excited to sew! We lived in a small trailer, and my mom never sewed as her machine was packed away. So this was my first experience sewing for myself...at least that I remember. My friend soon grew tired and frustrated with his sewing, but I finished my first project (a little drawstring bag - woohoo!) and moved on to my next project - a beautiful floral vest with tiny tulips all over it, and lined in a sky blue. *bliss* I cannot tell you how much I hated that vest by the time I finished! LOL!!! ;) Wow, that was a hard first time project, but I learned all about curved seams and right sides together, pattern placement, and became best friends with the seam ripper (we're still good friends, btw). I eventually finished the vest and it was marvelous and I'm still proud of it. :D

My sister Jessica and I in our patriotic skirts Memorial Day 2010

Fast forward years later and I'd sewn more projects on my own, including Civil War costumes (with the very much needed help of my skilled grandma!). I began to sew quite a lot of skirts for myself and my mother and sister in my 20's. The more I sewed the more I had leftover fabric pile up after a project was finished. I never knew what to do with it, so it sadly sat unused. One day around 2010 or so, and probably inspired by Pinterest, I decided quilting was my next new thing to become skilled at. I'm into most crafts...sewing, cake decorating, cross stitch, knitting and crocheting, and even scrapbooking! Living within an hour of Lancaster county, PA with the Amish and their quilting history has always inspired me, and having piles of scraps of fabric lying around from projects...it all just easily fit together (like a quilt! haha).

My first quilting project was a star block...oh how I love my star blocks! :D They are pretty much a signature design of my Odds n Ends shop. ;){my star mug rugs here} I picked out my favorite sunflowers and turned 3 mastered blocks into a table runner. I even HAND QUILTED the binding as instructed (I've never done that again). Ha.

My second quilting project was my first quilt. We had some friends in Texas, at the time, and my sister and I had some wonderful trips down there with them. Since I was interested in quilting, even then, we all stopped in their favorite local quilt shop and as soon as I saw the texas state panels I knew I wanted to turn it into a keepsake quilt of all the memories of our trips. This was my first pattern design I created on my own! :D After this quilt I was hooked and I've been addicted to quilting ever since.

Prairie-Style Texas Quilt and pillow

A girl can only create so many designs and projects before the house is over-run with quilting, so I dove head first into starting my own quilt shop in 2016 and officially opened in 2017 so I could share the love. I named it Odds n Ends for the scrappy bits and pieces that inspired me to quilt. I started my own space on SquaredUp.com instead of Etsy, at first, to save money and give me a start to see if I could do this business-girl-boss thing. It has been super slow going every step of the way, with more roadblocks, tears, and struggles (personal and business-related) over the last 2 years but I can honestly say it's been worth it. And I am so glad I jumped in and dared to be brave!

Scrap Bag Table Runner available here

My little quilt shop offers me a place to create with color and pattern, to have self-expression without breaking my piggy bank, and to share that joy with my customers. I believe every home ought to have a little piece of homemade quilting in it. It's a pleasure to quilt lovely handmade decor pieces I know will be enjoyed in the varying seasons and through the years.

Recently, I've been able to get a sense of community with other crafters and seller's that I'm newly joining into. I have also opened up an Etsy shop  in the last few weeks and joined that community as well. I'm excited to see where else God and my little shop take me this year and the years ahead! :D Someday I hope to have a booth at my first craft fair!

* * *

If you are a maker and want to join in the challenge too, 
here is the link to Joanne's instagram page and her website!

Have a blessed day!

Friday, August 24, 2018

Fall Decorating In the Kitchen & NEW Autumn Products

Autumn is almost here! I'm so excited, as it's my favorite season. I adore pumpkin spice everything to eat, the colors, the leaves changing, the holiday spirit beginning and the love and family atmosphere. My family was out and about yesterday and it was in the low 70's with a gorgeous breeze and we had a great walk together in the fresh air! 

Today I have some lovely new fall items in the shop to show you, as well as an easy tip for keeping your kitchen clutter free and decorated for Autumn this season (or any season). Let's go!

*        *        * 


 Does your kitchen table ever look like this? 

In our home, the kitchen table serves as a drop zone and work space for the entire family. This is where I quilt and create my products, cook our meals, where my dad leaves his work tools, and the family dumps off their belongings before and after work. We try to manage it, but clutter can pile up quickly with six people coming and going! 
My guess is your home probably looks like this, too, from time to time. So to keep the clutter from piling up, I have a solution for my own family and for yours too! A table runner is not only useful in the kitchen or dining room, but it also serves as a beautiful decoration and focal point. Best of all it becomes a clutter stopper! 

This is the Cascading Triangles Table Runner

Putting all the fall fabrics together reminds me of floating leaves through the air. I've quilted rows of leaves up and down the runner.
You can see additional images for this and all products in my shop.

Every home ought to have a cheerful, colorful table runner on the kitchen or dining room table. It adds so much character to a room! Table runner's keep clutter from piling up on empty surfaces and everyone loves sitting down to eat around the table together...it's so inviting! Plus they are such a beautiful and simple design feature to the home without any extra effort. And of course they are easily removable when ready to get to crafting, as I do. ;) The best part is you can use them year after year, season after season...and exchange them when you are ready for a different style.

Leafy quilted rows in burgundy thread

Autumn has SO much color and so many delights! I not only wanted fall on the table runner, but in a sweet little display to make it feel more homey. I purchased these decorations at Joann's and wood stained the signage with a sponge and acrylic paint we had on hand (no special expensive paints needed). The most expensive was the vase. I couldn't leave the store without it...it's perfect. ;D You can find seasonal items and inspiration anywhere! Place some colorful Autumn leaves from the backyard in a mason jar or wooden bowl. Display a few small pumpkins and gourds in different colors. Have fun with it! It doesn't have to be expensive and you can make it completely personal to your family and style.

I wanted to share another decorating option with this runner... so here is #2!
This display is made up of items from around my room. I don't remember where I found these adorable squirrels. I believe they may have once belonged to my grandmother. They sit on my bookcase near my woodland animal stories, usually. ;) The candle my mother bought me from the $1 store. And the fall decorations I purchased from Joann's for $2! It was so simple and inexpensive.

*        *        * 

Autumn in the Shop!

Now I have to share with you the charming new items in the shop for fall. I'm so excited to show these to you and I hope you love them as much as I have enjoyed making them. :D Besides Cascading Triangles, there are a few more lovelies for you all...

Scrappy Autumn Diamonds

*apple cake not included. Lol! ;D

When various fabrics are used together...that makes it scrappy! Luscious greens, sunny yellows, ruby reds, and some woodsy browns get together on this fun diamond design runner. The scrappy border adds an extra fun pop of Autumn. Simply quilted with some squiggles and bordered with a lovely burgundy red. It's a little bit country, a little bit fall...without being overstated.

I have to share this apple bundt cake with you all. I had my first fall cravings last week and baked up this really easy and scrumptious cake from a favorite blog, Cookies & Cups. I used red delicious apples...it's what we had on hand. I think the granny smith apples would have made it a bit tangier and less sweet. I was really looking forward to the brown butter frosting she uses in the recipe, but we were OUT of powdered sugar!?! The only thing I forgot to check on the list. Lol. But it was seriously amazing without it and fabulous on it's own. We loved it and ate it up!

The backing on this one is a favorite! And all of my products include my permanent sewn-in washing instructions tag for easy cleaning when needed.
You can see additional images for this and all products in my shop.

Football Mug Rug

Whether you are a football fanatic or just love football food, this mug rug is great all year round. And no matter which team you cheer for, you can have fun with this mug rug in neutral team colors and fun design. This is an excellent guy-friendly and kid-friendly gift!
*bowl of chili is also not included. But a must for fall, am I right? :D
You can use this as a mug rug with your favorite game-day beverage, or bring it out for football party snacking. That's what I did with this delicious chili. A family favorite recipe!
Most of my mug rugs are 6-1/1 x 10 inches, just big enough for your mug and a snack or two on the side. The backing is green and the quilting is straight and loopy stitches. You can see additional images for this and all products in my shop.
(If you'd like a large order of  3 or more football mug rugs, email me and I will set up a special order of them for you!).

Pumpkin Patch Mug Rug

"Each year, the Great Pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch that he thinks is the most sincere. He's gotta pick this one. He's got to. I don't see how a pumpkin patch can be more sincere than this one. You can look around and there's not a sign of hypocrisy. Nothing but sincerity as far as the eye can see."
~ Linus, The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown ~ 

Pumpkins are a classic favorite of fall. This mug rug has a scrappy feel to it brought out by the pumpkin applique and the border. Every time I look at this mug rug, I crave pumpkin pie and hot apple cider! Quilted with straight, loopy, and zig zag stitching. You can see additional images for this and all products in my shop.

Mother's Delight Wall Hanging - Autumn

My classic Mother's Delight wall hanging pattern in beautiful Autumn tones. The falling leaves and acorns accentuate the stunning star design. The tags are hung on a curtain rod, inexpensively purchased at any local home goods store such as Walmart. Wall hangings create a spectacular wall feature and decor piece for the home. They can hang neatly in hallways, bedrooms, above side tables...anywhere! With my design, you can easily exchange wall hangings out for the seasons and your tastes. 
*curtain rod not included...can be purchased inexpensively in any home goods store such as Walmart.

Quilted in woodgrain style to mimic the blowing of leaves in the wind!
You can see additional images for this and all products in my shop.

*        *        *
There is still more to discover in the shop! 
I've added more of my best-selling Latte and Favorite Brew Mug Rugs, and there are more fall products as well. Plus everyday table runners, table toppers, and pillow covers!

Shop Now!

*        *        * 
Thank you so much for joining me today, and I hope you had as much fun as I did! I would love to hear how you are decorating for fall at your house... do you celebrate full-on Halloween first, or do you wait until September to decorate? What is your favorite fall decorating item you own? :D

Blessings all!