Monday, June 1, 2020

Reading Challenge + Giveaway!

Hello friends! Happy start of June! I just love the start of a new month so fresh with possibilities. 😍

My longtime blogging friend, Tarissa hosts an annual Louisa May Alcott reading challenge every June and being a reading enthusiast I just had to share the fun news with you all! The challenge begins today and it's so easy to join in the fun, and you can set your own reading goals for the month.


Tarrisa's blog, In The Bookcase is filled with her wonderful book reviews, resources of free books and book sites, giveaways and so much more! I have often found a new book to add to my reading list from her. The reading challenge is a wonderful way to explore the world of Louisa May Alcott's and her writings, from old favorites like Little Women to some many have never even heard of before.

This year Tarissa and I are collaborating and I'm giving away a set of two lovely corner bookmarks from my shop for those joining the challenge! I'm so excited! 😁 

Find these bookmarks in my shop here!

You can find all the details for the reading challenge and the giveaway on Tarrisa's blog. 
And be sure to take a look around her wonderful blog!
You do NOT need to enter the reading challenge to enter for the giveaway...however reading along will earn you extra points! 

There are so many stories Louisa wrote that most people have never read before...including myself. And if you have never read Little Women and only seen the films you MUST give it a try. 😘 This challenge is a wonderful way to get some of those classic reads checked off your list (and even add some new books to your to-read list)!

I hope you'll join us!
Happy Reading,

P.S. - My reading choices for the challenge are two short stories: May Flowers and Marjorie's Three Gifts.

P.P.S ~ I managed to read only May Flowers in June, though I will still read Marjorie's Three Gifts this summer. May Flowers was a charming story and I really enjoyed it! A lovely short story of a group of young Boston girls who challenge each other to do good deeds through the long winter months ahead. Each girl's story of her efforts is than described in her own words of her successes and struggles along the way. I found it charming and inspiring and sweet. A wholesome reminder to be kind and share from our abundance in whatever way we are able to. :) 

Thank you Tarissa for inspiring us to read these beautiful classics!

Friday, March 13, 2020

March Meet the Maker Challenge 2020

I'm joining the March Meet the Maker Challenge again this year! This is a fun challenge hosted by Joanne Hawker for the makers and small business owners out there to give you a behind-the-scenes look into our lives and stories. It's a great way for us to meet other creator's as well! :D

I'm happy to say so far I'm keeping up with the challenge prompts and having a lot of fun! It's the perfect opportunity to try my hand at some graphic designing and is great practice for sharing more than just the new shop updates. ;)

So far we've shared about our workspace...


Mock up of a product...

how my time is spent...

the branding...

 reducing waste...

...and more! Plus half a month of prompts still to come! :D

You can see more details, pictures, and the stories behind all my prompts on my Instagram or Facebook pages.

If you are interested, March isn't over yet, you can still join and catch up or pick-and-choose your favorite prompts to showcase on your social media sites. If you'd like to join you can find the prompts here. And a run-through of Joanne's idea's for the prompts here.

Thank you for joining me today!

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Spring Bookmarks in the Shop!

The weather here in Delaware has been so nice of late...we even had a 70 degree day!! Wow! So I spent a few days gathering some spring prints to make into corner bookmarks for you guys.

I'm pretty excited about how these turned out! I've had a few of the prints waiting to be used and it was the perfect time to bring them out to play. :D

Visit the link at the bottom of the post at any time to see these featured bookmarks and all of my products.

*Corner Bookmarks*

As always, the bookmarks come in sets of 2 coordinating bookmarks 
and are sized to 2-1/2 inches each. They are lined inside with interfacing to give it stability and stitched neatly around the outside edges.

I myself love using the bookmarks...they are just the right size, can be used in both hardback and paperback, and I've never had them fall out of my books! 

Here are just a few things customers are saying about these bookmarks:
"They are so adorable and perfect. They seem very durable and way better than the paper/cardstock ones. They look exactly as pictured! I even received a sweet little note in my package which made my day! Definitely recommend and definitely would buy from here again!" 

"They are beautiful and awesome to use when reading - perfect!"

  • Starting with my favorite (though it's hard to choose!!) is the Honeybee set - There is a bit of silver glitter on the bees wings for added sparkle and the sunny yellow gingham makes me want to go for a picnic. :D Bees are super popular right now and should always be celebrated!

  • Anchors Away!  This bookmark set will transport you to far off places with pirates and adventures! ;D This would be a great gift for the adventurer, seafaring, or naval person in your life. I used the spotted blue print to give the feeling of "waves" beneath the anchors.

  • Blossoms for springtime give an air of olden times in the days of the victorian era or time of Jane Austen. Sweet peach, yellow, coral, and red tones contrast beautifully against the royal blue. I think this set would be a lovely gift for Mom on upcoming Mother's Day!

  • Get your baking on with these SWEET Cupcake Bookmarks! :D Darling peaches and cream cupcakes with a touch of aqua make a great gift for the baking enthusiast. Mark your spot in your favorite novel, or use them to save your favorite recipe in a cookbook. These would be a fun birthday-themed gift as well.

  • This Prairie Set will carry you away to simpler times on the farm and make you long for sunny meadows and a tall glass of iced tea! :D The gorgeous navy floral print has little yellow and red buds so I coordinated some filigree prints in a rich dark red-orange and golden yellow to match. I backed them both in the pretty blue floral print.

  • Something for the sewers and crafters! This set comes with a mug rug AND a set of corner bookmarks. I've highlighted the vintage sewing machine (did your grandma have one of these, too?) on the mug rugs and showcased the fun sewing tools. There were so many playful colors I went with a mixed theme this time: green, royal blue, light and dark pink, and sunny yellow! They are backed with the same wavy blue print I used in my anchors bookmarks set. ;) This set would be a darling gift for any crafter...I always keep a cup of hot tea near me while I work and the bookmarks can be used to save your spot in your craft books!

I now have over 15 styles of prints for corner bookmarks in my shop for seasonal and all ages...guys and girls! There are a lot of styles, colors, and patterns to choose from. And don't forget to check out the mug rugs and seasonal items while you're at it! :D 

Thanks for stopping by, have a great week everyone! 
Love you guys!

Friday, November 29, 2019

Support the Maker's Gift Guide 2019

Every year I see SO MANY wonderful gift idea's for the holiday's while I'm scrolling and browsing online. Knit hats, personalized jewelry, artwork, fun family gifts like ornaments and mugs, and of course awesome ideas for the nerds and bibliophiles! ;)

Maker's work HARD creating products their customer's will love and enjoy for year's to come. As a crafting girl since I was little, and an Etsy maker myself, I know the effort and time and love put into everything we make.

We all know that handmade touch makes for an extra special gift. As the holiday's arrive, not everyone has the time or maybe even the skill to create something handmade to give family and friends. Every year I see hundreds of maker's doing their thing so beautifully I want to share their creations with the world! So why not show them off in a gift guide for the holiday season? Yes, I think I shall...

A lot of these shops are companies I follow year-round, have bought from at times, and believe in. So trust me when I say you're going to love them! :D

  • Pixel Berry Pie Designs - Tarissa is an online friend who creates fabulous prints: her best seller's are Monopoly game card prints! Genius and fun for a school room or family room! :D She loves, loves, loves books so there are ton's of bookish prints as well that you must check out. 

  • Bella Handmades - Courtney is a dear friend as well, and she makes and sells unique jewelry pieces...including gorgeous wood-burned jewelry and cutting boards! So many fun and beautiful items, you really have to take a peek. 

  • Dogwood Finch - Megan is a new maker I "met" this year who sells some of the sweetest, most exceptional artwork I've ever seen! She's a children's book illustrator, and also has her artwork to sell as cards and prints. She has cute animal scenes, and lovely peaceful nature scenes, and I'm in love with her newest terrariums. I love her little fox in the snow card (row 2) it's my absolute favorite!

  • Our Nest Decor - I LOVE this shop...she has far too many exquisite home decor pieces, it would be difficult to pick a favorite. However, the Philadelphia Eagles sign has to be the winner for this Delaware gal. πŸ¦…πŸ˜‚

  • Tiny Book Town - If you love books, this is your shop! She has so many mini book title necklaces available in many genres. 

  • Lila Rose - This isn't a handmade shop, but it's one I adore and has consultants who work individually in their own "shops" (think mary kay) and I have gotten to know these ladies, so I've included it in my list here. I have been using these amazing, unique hair clips for years and years. They hold thick-thin hair and there are always new designs and sales. If you follow one or more of the consultants you can find so many hair styling ideas on social media, too! :D

  • Odds n Ends Quilt Shop - Lastly I have myself, of course. I have added some pretty Christmasy items to the shop, and have mug rugs, bookmarks, and table runners ready for gifting. The bookmarks make excellent stocking stuffers!

Christmas Mug Rug & Corner Bookmark Sets - $15 in my shop

I hope you find some lovely homemade gifts for everyone on your list this year! :D
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Thanksgiving Giveaway!

I can hardly believe Thanksgiving is next week! πŸ¦ƒAnd Christmas is not far behind (don't think about that right now. Lol). πŸ˜„

This year has been such a wonderful one for me, thanks in great part to all of you! It's been a blast creating new designs and items for the shop. Just imaging how much you all will love each new mug rug or corner bookmark makes me smile. I picture how you'll gift a mug rug to your bff, or a set of bookmarks to yourself for your favorite read and it makes me work harder to make it the best it can be! Filling your orders and getting to converse and "meet" with you is the best ever and makes my day every time!

That's why I want to give it forward with a giveaway! One winner will receive a pretty pumpkins galore mug rug AND a set of corner bookmarks in Autumn fabrics. These both have been best seller's this season.

The mug rug is 6 x 6 inches and is perfect for your favorite mug and a little snack on the side. My special washing instructions tag is sewn into the back and features a pretty leaf print (see more pics in my Etsy shop). The bookmarks won't bend your pages! These are 2-1/2 x 2-1/2 inches.

So hurry and head over to my Instagram shop page to enter!
You won't want to miss out.
Giveaway ends Saturday, November 23 at 7pm EST.

All Autumn products are marked down 30% off in the shop into December as well...I have one last pumpkin mug rug, a few corner bookmarks, and a couple table runners left. Don't miss out! πŸ‘πŸ˜‰
And next week, don't miss out on the Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday specials and offers for Christmas - be sure you're following me on Facebook and Instagram!

*         *         *         *          *

We are visiting with extended family this weekend; new baby to cuddle, my 97-year-old grandma, and family from out-of-town all together! Then we'll celebrate a nice day just my parents and siblings eating all our favorite foods and watching the Macy's parade and Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. We have a LOT to be grateful for this year and so many blessings I didn't expect. I hope between all the pie baking we can slow down and really appreciate them all and each other. πŸ’•

I hope you all have a safe, wonderful, family-filled, food-stuffed, blessed...

...Happy Thanksgiving!